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North county correctional facility

North county correctional facility-North county correctional facility
Information for the North County Correctional Facility (part of Wayside Jail), including location, posting bail, visiting hours and how to contact inmates

North County Correctional Facility Information

The North County Correctional Facility (NCCF) in Castaic, CA, is part of a large, correctional complex run by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. This county jail for men is one of four facilities that comprise the 2,620-acre Pitchess Detention Center (Wayside Jail).

Built in the mid-1980’s, The North County Correctional Facility houses up to 4,295 inmates awaiting resolution or serving sentences for California misdemeanor and/or felony crimes. The L.A. North County Jail is situated about 38 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, accessed via the US-101 N to I-5 N.

The address and phone number is:

29340 The Old Road
Castaic, CA 91384
(661) 295-7810

Email (“for questions and comments”): [email protected]

For the benefit of family members and friends of individuals currently detained in the North County Correctional Center, our team of California criminal defense lawyers provides key information below. The following important topics are covered here:

1. Los Angeles County Inmate Locator

The L.A. County Sheriff provides an online inmate search database to help you verify whether or not your friend or loved one has been booked into custody. By entering a first and last name, you will call up a list of candidates identified by birthdate and race. Clicking the appropriate name, you will find detailed data, including a physical description, criminal charges and classification (misdemeanor or felony), date/time of arrest, as well as the booking number, scheduled court date and bail information.

You can also get inmate information by calling (213) 473-6100 (or (213) 295-7810) and providing a name, date of birth and/or arrest date.

2. Bail Bonding

Your friend or loved one may be given the opportunity to post bail and gain temporary freedom from incarceration. You can call the jail to get specific bail bonding information. Bail payment can be made at the Inmate Receiving Center (IRC), 450 Bauchet St., Los Angeles, or you can use the services of a (fee-based) bail bondsman.

3. Phone Communication with Inmates

By state law, criminal detainees have a right to make three initial, phone calls from jail, including personal calls and requests for legal assistance. Family members and friends cannot call in to speak with a North County Castaic Jail detainee or inmate, nor will the staff pass along messages.

Once an inmate is in permanent housing, he or she will be given access to telephones and can make personal calls on a collect/pre-paid basis. To set up and fund a pre-paid calling card account, go online to, or call (877) 650-4249.

It is important to note, inmate phone calls from the facility are subject to monitoring and recording. Therefore, it is in the best interest of your loved one to avoid speaking about pending criminal charges over the phone.

4. NCCF Inmate Commissary

Although North County Correctional Facility inmates will receive food and basic supplies, many will want to purchase additional comfort items from jail commissary offerings, which are delivered weekly. Options include snacks/treats, toiletries, stationary materials, and other items.

Family and friends can contribute funds to an inmate cash account for commissary and other expenses or purchase items directly online. Inmate care packages are purchased through To place an order, you will need to obtain the inmate’s booking number, which you can request from the inmate, find online, or obtain by calling the jail. There is a weekly purchase maximum of $60 for each inmate. Items are delivered to NCCF inmates on Thursdays.

Cash account deposits can be made either in person or through the mail. In-person deposits for NCCF inmates are accepted at the Inmate Reception Center (IRC) at 450 Bauchet Street in downtown Los Angeles.

You can mail deposits ($200 maximum) in the form of a bank cashier’s check or postal money order made out to the inmate’s name (with booking number). Do not send in blank money orders. Send funds to this address:

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
P.O. Box 86164 Terminal Annex
Los Angeles, CA 90086-0164
Attn: Inmate Name, Booking Number

Note that L.A. County may use inmate deposits to pay assessed victim restitution. For questions regarding inmate deposits, call (213) 893-5875.

5. Inmate Visitation in Castaic

In L.A. County, there is a holding period of up to a month before inmate housing classification is complete, and prior to receiving a permanent housing assignment, inmates cannot receive visitors.

Visiting hours for North County Correctional Facility inmates are Saturday and Sunday (only) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Note that this schedule may be affected by holidays. NCCF inmates are generally entitled to two 30-minute visits a week. Six visitors can be present for one appointment, including three children.

On visiting day, you will proceed to the Pitchess Detention Center main visiting center (29320 The Old Road in Castaic), and should arrive one hour before your scheduled visit. Bring your confirmation number/receipt and a valid, government-issued photo ID. If you arrive late, your visit may be cancelled.

Note that if you are a convicted felon or currently on parole or probation, you need a preapproval to visit. Fill out and submit this form, and you can expect to receive a letter within about a month granting or denying permission.

Rules for visitation at the North County Castaic Jail are as follows:

  • Minors 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian unless legally emancipated. Appropriate paperwork is required as proof of status, including guardianship or emancipation.
  • Children must show some form of a photo ID and remain closely supervised at all times.
  • Personal belongings should be left behind or will be stored in lockers. Strictly prohibited items include cell phones/electronic devices/cameras, tobacco products, waterless hand sanitizers containing alcohol, medications (including homeopathic) hygiene products, stationery, carabiner shackle tools, plastics of all kinds.
  • Do not arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs (or with contraband in your possession) or you may be subject to arrest.
  • Persons causing a disruption will be ejected from the visitation area.

There is also a strictly enforced dress code for visitors at the North County Correctional Jail. The following may deny you entry:

  • Revealing clothing, such as strapless and midriff-baring tops, see-through material or display of cleavage
  • Skirts, shorts or dresses that are higher than mid-thigh
  • Gang-affiliated clothes and accessories
  • Bare feet
  • Swimsuits
  • Bare torsos or muscle/sleeveless shirts
  • Clothing with graphics depicting nudity, violence, drugs or gang themes

6. Mail Policies

North County Correctional Facility inmates can receive (and send) unlimited quantities of personal mail. Writing materials and stamped envelopes can be purchased through commissary (so do not send in blank stationery/postage.)

Address correspondence for all L.A. County inmates as shown below:

Inmate Name, Booking Number
PO BOX 86164
Terminal Annex
Los Angeles, CA 90086-0164

All inmate mail is opened and inspected. There is a list of items that are not accepted for inmates through the mail, as follows:

  • Photographs smaller than 3 x 5” or larger than 4 x 6”
  • Greeting cards that are blank or contain musical or plastic components
  • Postcards larger than 6 x 9”
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Images or drawings depicting gang graphics or nudity/sexual content
  • Content that may compromise jail security
  • Envelopes or paper enhanced with scents, lipstick, glitter, powder or fluids
  • Stickers, tape, or anything with glue or sticky backing
  • Pens, pencils, staples, paper clips
  • Lottery tickets
  • Pre-paid phone cards or ID cards
  • CD’s or cassette tapes
  • Rosary beads
  • Balloons
  • Jewelry

You can send softcover books and magazines/periodicals (with appropriate content per rules above), but these must arrive directly from a vendor, such as Amazon. NCCF inmates are limited to three books and three periodicals per week.

For questions about mail, call the mailroom supervisor at (213) 893-5874.

7. Life and Health at the Jail

The initial L.A. County housing classification assessment can take two weeks to a month. With five separate housing pods, the North County Detention Center has minimum, medium, and maximum security options. Disciplinary segregation, as well as clinical medical treatment is provided, as needed.

Information about specialized inmate healthcare is offered online. If you wish to report a healthcare concern/emergency, call the Medical Command Center at (213) 893-5544.

L.A. County stresses rehabilitative education and offers a variety of inmate programs, including academic, vocational, and life skills courses. There is an opportunity to participate in “Fire Camp” at the PDC, which is an 80-hour training program that prepares inmates for community fire-fighting assignments.

Inmates at NCCF can earn “good time” work credits by participating in fire camp, “conservation camp” and vocational shop programs. There is an NCCF Sew Shop, a Sign Shop, Culinary Kitchen, and Commercial Painting opportunity for interested inmates. There is also a ministry program for inmates called Malachi Men.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department takes steps to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003. There is a zero tolerance policy for sexual abuse of any kind, and reports are encouraged. Inmates and family members can report incidents to jail staff or by calling L.A. Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

8. Inmate Property Release

Personal property is confiscated from Castaic Correctional Facility inmates during the booking process, and inmate property is stored at the jail. The inmate can sign a Property Release Form or Money Release Form to authorize property pick up by a friend or relative. Inmate property retrieval usually occurs 24-48 hours after the release has been submitted. For property release information, call (213) 473-6191, or regarding money, call the cashier at (213) 893-5875.

9. Speak to a Criminal Lawyer

At the California Legal Defense Group, experienced criminal attorneys are ready to protect and defend you or your loved one. With a strong record of favorable results for past clients, we can often beat criminal charges or substantially reduce harsh penalties. We offer a free consultation and case review. For legal help, please don’t hesitate to call us today at (855) 396-0370 or contact us online.

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North county correctional facility


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