May 19 2019

4 second cars ^ Video

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4 second cars ^ Video, REMMONT.COM

4 second cars

4 second cars

New, used, or built from a roller? With a bit of ingenuity you can run sub 3 second 0-60 times for $5k. If you want all the nice stuff and a warranty, well that changes things doesnt it?

Wow, reeally? Please explain, if you will.

Depending on how cheap you can find a V8, preferably over 6.0L, and a body to stick it in, you can go quite fast very cheap. I built a car for $4500 that ran [email protected] all motor, street driven, with a Pontiac 455 in a 3700lb 79 Formula Firebird. I rebuilt the engine with mostly stock parts, forged pistons, and a hydraulic cam, and a set of ported iron heads. It lived for 7 years of bracket racing, street driving, and beating the snot out of the typical small chevy and every import it lined up against. Other guys have gone 10s with an LSx swap into things like a 240SX, Ford Fairmont, and the 80s Malibu. Big engine, small car, the right gears, and its fun to drive.

My Formula has a different engine in it now, and it cost me about $9k to build back in 2004. If I can ever get it to pass tech it should run mid 9s in the quarter, which is a pretty damn quick 0-60.

it does seem to

I would imagine an sti is pretty high up on the list.

If you want cheap acceleration, take your MSF course and find a used liter bike for a couple grand. I don’t know its stats, but a friend bought an old Ninja liter for $1,500 and it was wickedly fast.

I’m more into standard bikes and am simply happy to be on two wheels. Even then, an old $700 Nighthawk I picked up is faster than the majority of cars out there.

For something that won’t fall apart after a couple pulls?

I imagine a neon srt-4.

If you want something that can actually corner and brake, and doesn’t look like a neon, probably a turboed mk5 (edit: mk4 vr6) vw gti, an 02-03 wrx with big turbo. Well, pretty much anything else with awd and a big turbo.

I hate to be that guy, but I’m sincerely wondering whey this guy here got down voted. Is it cause he’s hating on neons?

I never sa >does look like a neon (which lets be honest doesn’t have the finest track record as a great car) and the braking/handling don’t match the power output.

When you say “turboed MkV GTI”, I assume you mean a MkV with a K04 turbo instead of the K03 and all the necessary supporting mods, APR/Revo/Unitronic tune etc?

Considering the K03 is quite a small turbo that won’t support the output he is looking for, yes.

HOWEVER, what I meant to put is not MK5, but Mk4. Obviously a Mk5 will be a more expensive vehicle. You’ll run in the range of 3.5-4k to properly turbo a Mk4 VR6 GTI, with the base car (based on value in my area) running you 8-9k for one with around 120-130k km on it.

Yeah, I knew a K03 wouldn’t put out the power he’s looking for – that’s why I wanted to clarify. As someone driving a MkV with a K03 turbo, I can most definitely say it is not a fast car. It isn’t a complete pig either, but it sure as hell isn’t “fast”.

Have you chipped it? I understand that the output in VW jump up a lot with a ecu flash. I haven’t owned one (though I am looking for a low km 2004 R32), but from my experience with the tuner I used for Audi who also does VW, they are quite easy to pump up power in.

I haven’t yet, no. From what I’ve heard, yes, even a stage 1 ecu flash makes a HUGE difference. I’ve been waiting for my warranty to expire before doing any sort of engine modifications, since I don’t have the time or energy to fight with VW about warranty claims. She’s pretty slow around autox, but since I’m a shitty driver around autox it’ll do for now.

While part of me would love to go Stage 2+ eventually, she’s also my daily driver and I don’t know that I want to push all of the other components that hard – even with upgraded PCV, DV, clutch, brakes, et cetera, things are going to wear out faster. The 2004 R32 would be an awesome find, if I had the spare cash I would love a Mk4 to play with. I’m sure I’ll do at least a Stage 1 flash once the warranty is up since she feels slower and slower to me as time goes on. My boyfriend has an older Elise that should keep us amused for a while so the pressure for power out of the GTI is a bit less – I’m dying to go to track school with the Elise but can’t really afford it.

Also, yeah, I’m one of those stupid chicks who names their car – I never used to, but I love this one. At least she’s named after a racing driver.

I’ve been in both a “stage 1” chipped 2.0t GTI and and K04’d GTI with all the supporting mods and was very impressed. The k04’d car was running APR software which claims 366HP (+140HP over stock) and 380TQ on pump gas, hasn’t been dyno’d yet to confirm but it sure felt like it. It was a DSG car running a Quaife LSD which really helped things off the line as well. A true pocket rocket of a car, i loved it. With a decent driver, that setup is capable of making much more expensive cars sweat on a track.

The “stage 1” car with just an ecu flash was pretty damn peppy too, it was running GIAC software which claims anywhere from 28-53HP and 50-100ft lbs depending on what fuel is being run. I was also pretty impressed the guts it had, it was a 6-speed with some suspension work and handled very nicely. It had KW V2 coilovers with beefier sway bars and was pretty deadly out autoxing. The suspension upgrades were much more useful than the power upgrades, for the driving they did at least.

If/when you plan to get a ecu flash, look for an upcoming VW show. The GIAC rep i know and other companies as well usually offer pretty significant discounts for the big shows (waterfest, H20i, SoWo). And Unitronic has some decent deals on right now with some impressive power #’s too.

Gotta love the VW’s, collecting the last few parts to crank the boost waaayyy up on mine and get the big brakes on.

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