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7 of the most reliable cars you can buy

Seven of the most reliable cars you can buy


Styling, handling and gas mileage all loom large when you are shopping for a new car. But don’t forget reliability — knowing that there is only a slim chance you will face frequent and costly repairs with that vehicle.

To help with that, we have compiled a list of seven of the most reliable cars you can buy — from subcompacts to luxury sedans. To make our list, a model had to appear among the top three in its class in the recently-released J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study. In addition, the car or SUV had to have a strong reliability record in Consumer Reports’ annual auto issue. Both rankings involve surveys of people who own a specific vehicle and so reflect real-world experience.

While our list is heavy with Japanese and Korean brands, Buick does get two vehicles on the list. That General Motors division has fared the best among U.S. brands, ranking number two for reliability in the Power study. Buick also finishes seventh in the Consumer Reports brand rankings — a broader rating of how many of a brand’s vehicles make the CR recommended list.

For a model that combines high reliability with very high gas mileage, take a look at Toyota’s hybrid Prius V (pictured above).

Here’s a closer look at our picks in seven categories.

Subcompact: Honda Fit


Small SUV: Kia Sportage

For drivers who like brisk acceleration and sharp handling, the Sportage is a good choice. Reviewers advise taking the optional turbocharged four-cylinder engine over the less lively standard four. The mileage trade off to get that turbo boost isn’t too bad (20 MPG city 26 highway for the turbo vs. 21 city, 28 highway for the standard four). And if you accelerate a little too much, reviewers praise the Sportage’s braking response. At a time when many new car owners complain of confusing controls, test drivers found the controls in the Sportage straightforward and easy to use. List price for the Sportage ranges from $21,900 to $29,600.

Midsize SUV: Buick Enclave

For families needing three rows of seats, Enclave offers good value in this high-priced category with list prices ranging from $39,050 to $49,305. With seating for up to eight, some reviewers cite Enclave as an especially good example of Buick’s transformation to a modern line of vehicles. And they praise its comfortable ride and stable handling. Enclave comes with a V-6 engine rated by the EPA for 17 MPG in city driving and 24 on the highway — about standard among its competitors. And if it is cargo you need to carry instead of people, the Enclave boasts 115 cubic feet of space with the second and third-row seats folded down.

Luxury car: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

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