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is it worth refinancing

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San Antonio Office

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San Antonio, TX 78209

DJ Jordan Properties – A Hard Money Lender

We are hard money direct lenders with over 20 years experience lending throughout the state of Texas. We offer 5 year financing on all residential investment properties. We do not lend on owner occupied properties and only will fund investor loans. Get started today by calling 866-779-2453 or submitting an application online at no cost to you.

Our Loan Options

We are collateral based lenders that consider all credit scores and income levels. Our financing can be used to refinance an existing loan, pull cash out of a property or to purchase a flip or rental property. We lend to real estate investors who purchase, repair and rent or sell residential properties. Ask about our wholesale programs.

Apply online today and get a quick, honest answer on your loan request.

Why is DJ Jordan Properties your best source for a Private Hard Money Lender?

  • Close on your loan in as little as 5 business days
  • Longer term 5 year balloon financing
  • Very competitive rates and terms
  • Bad credit or no credit is OK
  • Specific Income Levels Not Required

In Texas

Our home office is located in El Paso, TX, however we have loan officers in most cities across Texas so it’s easy for us to do investor home loans from Dallas to Houston to San Antonio or just about anywhere in the state. We supply hard money loans to real estate investors who are looking for rehab loans to fix up properties and sell or rent them out.

Outside of Texas

Currently the only location outside of Texas that we provide hard money loans to is the Metro Areas of Southern California such as San Diego and Los Angeles. We may add more areas at some point but right now we are limited to these locations.

How Easy is the Hard Money Loan Process?

We try to make it as painless as possible and be respectful of your time. We will always be straightforward with you and give you an honest quote. Our goal is to help you now and in the future. We can get you an approval in as little as 24 hours.

Texas Real Estate Investment

Since we have many investors from states such as California contacting us wanting to invest in TX real estate we’ve dedicated a section of the site to connect these out of state investors with our local investor clients. Find investment properties for sale in Austin and San Antonio.

Who Qualifies for Direct Hard Money Loans?

We are a collateral based lender. On purchases, our loan to value will not exceed 70% of the after repaired value and you must have cash to put into the deal (5%-10% down plus closing costs). If your deal can meet or exceed both of those requirements, then you will most likely be approved. We are deal driven not credit score or income driven. On the cashout of an investment property our maximum loan to value is 60%.

Major Metropolitan areas and suburbs in Texas only (Austin, Dallas, Ft Worth, San Antonio, El Paso and Houston).

Is it worth refinancing

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