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Bison Economy Line Auto Lifts and Bison Heavy Duty Series, Auto and Truck Lifts are DEPENDABLE and DURABLE Auto Lifts!

Since 2008 we have been helping our customers and their money go further by offering more consistent choices and not over selling the capability of the Bison product line. By not over-selling it means less parts sales for us, but increases our chances of providing our customers with multiple pieces of equipment. Durability Delivered.

Sure you can push the product and you will get a few years out of it but if you use the product properly, it will provide you with years and years of service! Our China made, Duro-Power units, and hydraulic cylinders go further than other off brands.

We live in a world where purchasing an auto lift is as easy as the click of mouse, but every now and then we all want to take some time and shop for a product, what we encounter during our efforts can sometimes be rewarding if you find people that speak your language.

At North American Auto Equipment, we have trained lift industry veterans handling all product inquiries. We will expedite all information in a professional and reasonable manner. We will even shop for the best freight deal combined with the closest shipping location.

North American is a pioneer on by being the first company to provide multiple lift installation-overview videos. Our website organizes all of our Auto Lift Media, not just video, into one place. This is where the magic of combining PDF, video and images takes place as an educational tool. Bison Auto Lifts are economical, safe and durable auto lifts.

Ever consider owning an Automotive Lift but not sure if you can do it yourself? Are you a novice or car enthusiast that is tired of working with jack stands? Do you have 4″ of 3,000psi concrete?

Are you looking for a lift that is rugged yet easy to service and install? Then look no further than the Bison-9KAF or the Bison-9KAC. Click here to view: Bison 9KAF or Bison 9KAC

Our Bison-9KAC requires a 12′ Ceiling Height.

Our Bison-9KAF requires a 10′ Ceiling Height.

Are you trying to pick up the vehicle by the frame so that you can repair suspension components, transmissions, brakes, front wheel drive – drive trains, rear axles for solid axle vehicles as well as independent suspensions and of course fuel tank removals. The following link leads to a youtube video of our lift installation team (the people that answer the telephone here at North American Auto Equipment) installing a lift. With over 50,000 views, we have assisted thousands of our own, as well as competitors customers install their lifts by giving them a view not yet seen prior to our introduction, follow this link see our video:

If you prefer a four post car lift, 4 Post lift or Drive on auto lift (All four are common descriptions for the same meaning), our Bison-8000-FP is a free standing unit that does not require anchoring. It comes standard with steel ramps, jack tray and a caster wheel kit to make it portable. Follow this link to view our new “safer residential parking lift design”. Click here to view: Bison 8000FP

The Bison-8000-FP-XLT includes the same options as the Bison-8000-FP, but offers 77-15/16″ of clearance for parking your “toy” and your daily driver! Click here to view: Bison-8000FP-XLT

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