Aug 31 2017

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The UK web hosting industry is firmly established and competitive in the global marketplace. The expert review team at Hosting-Review has evaluated many of the biggest players on the UK web hosting scene, scoring each on reliability, features offered, customer service, price value and more. You’ll find the results of their research on UK hosts below.

UK web hosting offers many benefits to local customers. If you live in the UK, isn’t it good to know your host does too? These days, you can sign on for web hosting services based virtually anywhere in the world. But for reliable customer service and peace of mind, there’s nothing like knowing a UK web host is on your side. Not only do you have the security of knowing exactly where your UK web host resides, transactions are easier in your home currency, customer support is in your time zone. that’s UK hosting for you!

Hosting-Review’s Top UK Hosting companies list is designed to bring you the latest information about the hottest and most reliable, affordable and feature-rich hosts in your area. UK web hosting is definitely a growing industry! You can count on the Hosting-Review research team to tell it like it is. We’ve examined many of the UK web hosts making a splash on the market today.

For more information on any of the top UK web hosts listed above, click on “Read Review” beside each UK host’s name. You’ll find more detailed information about individual UK hosting services and their pricing, feature list, customer service, benefits and drawbacks. We believe our UK hosting reviews will prove valuable as you make your UK hosting choice.

Starting at just £1.95/month, HostPapa is the UK’s leading web hosting provider, with unlimited disk space and bandwidth allotments, and flexible low-cost payment plans, not to mention, it’s 100% green!
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