Apr 14 2019

BlueHost Reviews

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BlueHost Reviews, NEF6.COM

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BlueHost Review

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So you are ready to build a website and get it on the net? Do you have a blog, company site or an ecommerce site? We at have put together a review for one of the most comprehensive hosts at an affordable price:

BlueHost is now ranked #1 and is recognized at the best web hosting provider by As the one of the best providers offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hosting, and a free domain for only $3.49/month . ( NOW $2.95 ) As you take a look at the information below you will see why we rank it #1. It has top notch reliability at an affordable price. Being one of the largest review firms in the industry BlueHost has offered us a special price for our customers. Take advantage of the offer by clicking the exclusive BlueHost Discount Pricing below! We are here to help and if you have any questions please ask.

You don’t have to take our word for it, but we do give you honest opinions based on our past experiences, as we have several hundred websites on the net. If you want consistency and reliability checkout what past BlueHost Customers are saying in the comments section below.



Bluehost Discount

Bluehost Web Hosting

How To Sign Up For Bluehost Web Hosting:

Check out this tutorial video explaining (in detail) how to sign up for web hosting at

Editor’s Review of BlueHost

Bluehost was launched in 1996 and is by far one of the best web hosting providers in the world! They have established themselves as one of the top brands at an affordable monthly cost. As a BlueHost modo states, “they are here to provide the best possible price with the best possible service” Bluehost not only has one of the best customer support teams in the hosting industry, but they also provide fast and reliable web hosting for only $3.49 a month!

Did we mention customer service? Customers who find creating their own website too tedious are able to take advantage of our support team by speaking with them to help create a website in a short period of time. There are also free softwares that are provided to you as a customers where it will walk you through step by step of creating your very own site using BlueHosts hosting services.

Nothing negative can be said about Bluehost! Infact, they offer an inhouse support team that can help you with any issues that may arise around the clock. If you want a host you can trust, I can personally promise you that you will not be disappointed with this great host! We own several sites on the web and use Bluehost to host each of them and we can honestly say that we have not had any problems. Don’t take my word for it, check out the user-reviews at the bottom of the page and use those to make a logical conclusion for yourself…. We love Bluehost and believe you will also!

Review BlueHost

BlueHost Rating:

BlueHost Hosting

BlueHost Awards

2014- Best Overall Hosting Provider –

2013- Best Overall Hosting Provider –

2012- Top Hosting Provider

2010 Top Web Hosting –

2009 Top Web Hosting –

2010 Most Affordable –

2010 Best Overall Host – CastIronHostingReview

2010 Best Business Web hosting –

2010 Best Support –

2009 Best Support –

BlueHost Resources

BlueHost Review wrote an excellent review of This review outlines BlueHost and their hosting features. MangoOrange also provides a $3.49 promo link !

Read our blog and find the latest BlueHost Coupon Code. Save up to 30% on your next web hosting purchase at BlueHost with our exclusive coupon code.

Looking for more user reviews on Bluehost? Check out this great site.

BlueHost Facts

Web Hosting Uptime:

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BlueHost is known for the amazing, award winning, customer service. As you can see in the awards section above BlueHost holds a high standard on customer service.BlueHost is very reliable and has been around for many years. If you are looking for a web hosting company that you can trust, BlueHost is a perfect option.

BlueHost recently announced that it has reached 1,000,000 domains hosted. This is an incredible task to accomplish and further proves the credibility of this host.

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