Nov 17 2016

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We purchased a 1968 Firebird on ebay and needed to have it shipped to Montana from South Carolina. I decided to try uship. I ended up with 3 bids and chose the one I thought would be the best for us, taking into account feedback and pricing. I would definately use this service again. I also had an independent bid (not from uship) and from what they were going to charge compared to what I paid from USHIP, we saved $550. The car was picked up on a Thursday and was delivered on Monday. We were happy with USHIP. – Lori R.

How to Transport your Vehicle

uShip saves you time and money by quickly connecting you with auto shipping providers. Transporting your car, truck, or van is easy with uShip. Start by entering in the make, model, and year of your vehicle above and clicking the yellow continue button. You will then receive instant rates from transporters that you can choose to book, or if you prefer, you can choose to create a listing by continuing through our listing process. Once you’ve listed your vehicle shipment, auto transport companies will bid on your listing. You can then negotiate the details of any bid you receive and choose to accept or deny their bid if it does not fit your needs. This gives you control over the entire process and allows you to choose a transporter that can best accommodate your shipment’s specific needs, like price, timeframe, and service level. Whether you book instantly or create a listing, it is completely free. If you’re curious about what it costs to ship a car, truck, or van you can visit our “Cost to Ship ” section which includes hundreds of completed uShip vehicle shipments to all over US.

It’s also important to research transporters before you book your shipment. uShip provides customer written feedback for thousands of auto transport providers. Consider their feedback, check into their insurance coverage, and research more about the transporters via their profile page.

You will also want to know what type of shipping service you will need. Shipping a used car via open transport may be the easiest / cheapest option, but you certainly wouldn’t want to ship your vintage Ferrari that way. An enclosed trailer is a good option to consider for high value vehicles that you don��t want exposed to the elements.

Prior to shipping your car you will want to prepare it for the voyage. You will need to use as much of the fuel in the tank as possible. Next, if your vehicle is leaking fluids you should let the transporter know so that the fluids don’t drip onto another car or cause a fire or safety hazard. Coolant and oil are very slippery substances. Finally, clean out all of your items from the car and make sure that any loose items / panels are secured. It is also wise to take photos of all sides of the car just prior to shipping.

Is your car exceptionally low? Race cars and sports cars alike can be damaged during the loading and unloaded process. It’s wise to list your car as modified and make note of the ground clearance including the front bumper, undercarriage, and rear bumper / exhaust. Steps can be taken to properly load and unload the vehicle by experienced car transporters to avoid damage. As an owner you can also do things to reduce damage such as, removing the front bumper or any low hanging lip spoilers / splitters, raising the ride height via the suspension (if adjustable), and stiffening the shock dampening.

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