Nov 21 2017

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Cheap Car Rentals with

Working hard and seeking a getaway? Need a vacation, but don’t have an abundance of time for planning?

Going on sabbatical but not interested in over-spending? Well, what’s a vacation without a car? We at are committed to help make your vacation fabulous by bringing you quality car rentals

at the best prices! We sift through hundreds of car rental companies and do the research for you! Rest assured that

you will receive a fabulous rental car at the best price out there!

Cheap Car rental has never been this simple and economical! Simply enter your dates, location, and age, and select your

vehicle type. That’s all! Your work is as good as done! Our comprehensive search engine will search all major US car

rentals, so that you will receive the newest vehicle at the Cheapest Car Rental price! And, it’s all hassle free! Without consuming

all your time! No risk! No login required until you book!

For Your Information:

Rates are based on supply and demand. How does this affect you? The earlier you book, the cheaper your rate will

be! And, there’s no charge for cancellations…. what are you waiting for? Book your cheap car rental today!

We will be happy to send you an email reconfirming the details of your car rental just days before your trip! Plan

ahead, yet remain worry free!

Prices Include:

Credit cards:

Are you careful about your spending? Do you avoid using credit cards? While most rental car companies do require

a credit card from you when you collect the car, there are many agencies that will allow you to use a debit card

instead! Check out our terms and conditions for more information.

Insurance: An additional expense not included in the car rental price is insurance. But, are you aware of the fact

that you may already be covered under your regular policy or credit card car rental insurance . A quick phone call to your car insurance

company can allay your fears. Find out if you are automatically covered. Avoid extra costs! (And, by not paying for

insurance, the price of your rental car will be even cheaper!)

Minimum Age: The minimum age in the United States for car rental is 25. Are you younger? No need to worry!

There are car rental companies that will agree to rent out cars to “underage” drivers for just a minimal addition in the

daily fee. Please check the company’s terms before going to pick up a car in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

Type of Car: We cannot guarantee the make and model of the car you will rent, as this is dependent on availability at

the time of pickup. Yet, we can confirm the features (i.e. size), capacity, and storage space (i.e. number of boxes that

fit in the trunk).

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