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Classic cars for sale/sold from various websites

I’ve been poking around various websites looking at all kinds of cars, from what Thais call classic to what most of us would consider classic. My only interests are British and European cars so the links reflect that. Sorry if they’re not to your taste, if I find anything American and unusual I’ll add it too. It seems that scrap metal sells for about 20k per ton from some of the junk I’ve run across. Thaiscooter is a goldmine and digging through old posts has turned lots of cool old cars. Many that most of us wouldn’t even consider a ‘restoration’ project and some that look like real bargains, if you could have run across it at the time it was for sale. Some links are current, many are up to 2 years old. Some of the websites I’ve found have just been by accident, following links and googling for translations.

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