May 20 2017

D&A Auto Body: Repairable Vehicles #custom #car #decals

#wrecked cars for sale

Repairable Vehicles For Sale

Click small photos for full page views. ALL VEHICLES ARE SOLD ‘AS IS’ without a warranty and have SALVAGE TITLES, unless noted. All descriptions and comments below are written to the best of our knowledge. We do NOT have repair estimates for our repairable vehicles, as this will depend on where you get your parts and who completes your work. Try WWW.CAR-PART.COM for used parts. ***For Michigan customers, PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SALES TAX or TITLE FEES**. Credit Cards ONLY ACCEPTED FOR DEPOSITS up to $500, but NOT for full payment of vehicle (A credit card will be accepted for a balance due on a purchased vehicle for an additional 3% above total sale price. We do not accept American Express). All vehicles with deposit/down payments must be paid in full within 1 week. We do NOT finance vehicles. Last updated on 12/3 at 4:45 pm.

***EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY*** Our policy for ‘Holding’ a vehicle: When asked, we will ‘Hold’ a vehicle from the time you call to let us know you’re getting in your vehicle and leaving your location. You will be required to give us your cell phone number and we will estimate the time it will take for you to arrive here. We will NOT hold it past that time. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. A credit card will NOT hold a vehicle, unless you wish to purchase the vehicle. In that case, we will consider the vehicle ‘SOLD’ at the current advertised price and all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. We strongly urge you to come and view any vehicle in person before commiting to purchase it.

***Aftermarket parts are available for many vehicles listed below and can be purchased for D & A’s cost + 10% extra for handling.***

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