Jul 14 2018

K – N Air Filter Products – K and N Filters Australia, air filters for cars.#Air #filters #for #cars

K N Air Filter Products – K and N Filters

Air filters for cars

Air filters for cars

K N Replacement Air Filters

K N High Performance Air Intake Kits

Air filters for cars

K N Universal, Custom

Racing Air Filters

  • 1,000 sizes/shapes
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • K N’s High Flow Cotton Media Provides Performance and Protection

Air filters for cars

K N Wrench-Off Oil Filters

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

Darwin NT Australia

I own a 2009 Honda Accord Euro (CU2) (US name: Acura TSX) and have been hastling my local parts supplier over the last year asking when the Australian Distributor for K N will hard holding the part.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Most comments and info relates to extra HP?

I’ve been using K N filters for 18 years now and apart from the performance gains, my fuel milage increased quite substantially.

My N14 Nissan Pular (SR20DE motor) despite being told I could expect about 28-30 m/g,I consistently got 36 m/g in peak hour traffic going back and forward to work.

I traded that car (after 10.5 years) on my current car, a 2002 Nissan S15 200SX (Silvia) The Govenrment Fuel Consumption Guide and friends that also owned the same car, were acheiving only 27-28 m/g. over the eight years I’ve had my car, I have consistently got 31 m/g! Not a lot, but over the years.

As for performance, a before and after dyno run showed an increase of 13kW ATW!!

Adelaide, South Australia

I now have 31000 miles on my ZZ4/355 GM motor and still use K N

Oil Filters which I change every 4000 miles. I reckon that I could go

a lot further but it took a long time to buy this motor brand new

which is a beauty so why take a chance?. All the best to all.

Eschol Park, NSW, Australia


Newcastle Valentine N.S.W. Australia

Just a few lines to say that I have the BEST combination of motoring satisfaction. I have series 2 Jaguar with 355 Chevy power with a K N air filter which gives 10% better economy and the K N oil filter with nut style body takes the drama out of removal etc., besides longer engine oil life of about 16%. Thanks K N for value for money. You are the best !!

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

I now have a 1974 Daimler/Jaguar fitted with a ZZ4 S.B.Chevy 350. Like it’s predecessors the motor lives and breathes Valvoline and K N Oil and Air Filters which give their all to the long life and economy of my motors. When my last motor was given a new inlet manifold gasket at 170,000 there was NO sign of sludge at all. I am staying with the best products FULL TIME..NoelinOz.

I drive a Holden Commodore S pack Ute powered by a 3.8 Ecotec V6. Fitting the K N filter has improved power, accelerator responsiveness and now gives a crisper note. I didn’t write this to sell K N products instead just to tell it how it is. I would recommend and do recommend putting these filters in your engines as they have worked for me. It would have to be the cheapest mod that actually gives results. I could keep writing but will run out of space.

The results are as follows:

With OE Filter still fitted- City 23L/100Kkm, Highway 17L/100km With K N Filter fitted- City 17L/100km, Highway 14L/100km

Hi guys just received my K N FIPK today, went out to the shed and installed this baby. Had never seen one in the flesh before but knowing your product ordered it from the pictures on your home page. My car has done 46,000 miles and is a ’93 lt1 350 as per factory [other than the right hand conversion]. Man what a differance it has made. All you boys ,gals out there all I can say is if you ain’t got one best you do something about that. Fantastic product.

Hi, back again with more praise for the great product you produce, this time fitted to a Yamaha XJR1300S 2004 cycle and hey what a difference these things make to it. The darn thing just fires up fine and runs like a dream, sure glad it was fitted and I do not care about the fuel savings (I know they do exist) together with precious metal plugs this bike is terrific.

Just an email to say thanks for the excellent technical support I received when selecting a K N air filter for my 1990 Suzuki Bandit (Grey Import here in Oz)

Purchased a filter for the bike (as listed in your testimonials) and now for car and it sure does everything you state as on the Motorcycle, so I’m positive it will give me great service in the Commodore as well. Fuel over this way is at this moment $1.29 a litre (that’s $5.80 a imperial gallon) and I will be happy to see an improvement on this area but also the get up and go department as well.

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