Jul 31 2019

Katy Windshield Replacement, Auto Glass Replacement in Katy TX, auto glass houston.#Auto #glass #houston

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Katy Auto Glass Replacement Co is proud to serve the neighboring areas and communities and we are happy to offer superior windshield and auto glass replacement services for all makes and models of vehicles. Our teams of skilled and trained professionals can help with any glass replacement needs and cover a number of services under our Katy Windshield Repair Department:

  • Windshields
  • Door Glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Back Windows
  • Truck Sliders
  • Mirrors
  • Van Windows
  • Factory Tinted Glass

We can also repair the minor chips and cracks that you may have in your windshield so you can avoid a full replacement for the time being. Remember that minor damage to your vehicles glass windows cannot be ignored. Minor chips and cracks will get worse the longer they go without being repaired. The damage will usually stay minor for a time and the integrity is not immediately compromised for chips smaller than a quarter or cracks under two inches long. However, it will get worse the more you drive and the more severe the weather gets as extreme heat and cold can cause auto glass to shrink and expand and make these damages worse. It could last with minor damage without getting any worse for a few days, or even a few months. However, the longer you wait, the stronger the chances are that a repair will not be feasible and you will be faced with a full glass replacement.

Not all windshield damage can be repaired by our Katy Windshield Repair experts. Sometimes the damage is too severe to risk repairs or the impairment has weakened the strength and integrity of the entire window or windshield. Examples of damage that generally cannot be repaired include:

  • damage that has penetrated all the layers of the glass or is very close to doing so
  • chips in the glass or windows that are very deep or that are larger than a quarter
  • cracks that are more than 6 inches long or totally breaks the side edge of the glass
  • glass that has more than one chip or crack in it because it has been weakened too much
  • if the chip or crack is right in the line of vision for the driver it is often unsafe to repair

Here at Katy Auto Glass we care about your safety and this is why we will not repair glass that poses a safety hard an will replace such damaged glass. We will always go the extra mile to keep you safe and ensure your vehicle is safe to operate. Katy Windshield Repair services work to ensure your vehicle is road-ready and meets all safety standards. We also want you to be satisfied with all work done on your vehicle, which is why we offer our quality guarantee. In the rare event you are not satisfied with the work done or if you have a problem of any kind, Katy Auto Glass will correct it as soon as possible – and we will do it at no charge to you! So

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