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#List brokers real estate # #Video

#List #brokers #real #estate

#List brokers real estate # #Video, REMMONT.COM

List brokers real estate

List brokers real estate

Vermont Real Estate Sales & Real Estate Appraisal Data
From Vermont Property Transfer Tax public records published by the State of Vermont.

Searchable Online Database Of Vermont Real Estate Sales & Appraisal Values
This Web site contains a searchable database of real estate sales in Vermont from 1986 to the present. The information comes from the Vermont Department of Taxes which publishes this data from the Vermont Property Transfer Tax Returns the state collects. Since every real estate sale in Vermont requires a Property Transfer Tax Return to be filed, this database is very comprehensive, and should theoretically contain information on every real estate sale in the state. All types of real estate transactions are in the database including: land, residential, commercial, industrial, and government real estate. Each record contains essential information of the real estate transaction, including Grand List appraisal values, sales price, land usage, buyer & seller data, recording info – about 40 fields of data altogether.

For Professionals That Work With Real Estate In Vermont
Professionals use this site to keep track of real estate sales and trends, to view comps, to track property values, and to find information not listed in the MLS. Our list of clients include: appraisers, assessors, listers, realtors, brokers, banks, lenders, insurers, attorneys, surveyors, towns, and more.

For Consumers That Are Interested In Real Estate In Vermont
This Web site is also used extensively by consumers that are interested in real estate in Vermont. Many buyers and sellers, for example, use this Web site to find comps and determine the fair market value at which to buy or sell real estate. Click here to learn how this site can help you.

For Businesses Seeking New Customers In Vermont
Many businesses use this site to find new customers. For example, businesses can use this site to find and advertise to all the new residents in their town. Our client list includes: newspapers, publications, advertisers, and more.

Start Here
We highly recommend that first time users review our online Help section, where you will find Search Tips, Search Examples, a User’s Guide, and more.

Appraisers & Listers
Track market prices and view comparables anywhere in Vermont.

Realtors & Brokers
Track the latest real estate trends and sales, including FSBO’s and private sales not in the MLS.

Determine the fair value of a property, and save money by not overbidding.

Figure out the best price to sell your property.

Property Tax Appeals
Find appraised values of comps to help appeal your taxes.

Newspapers & Publications
Inform your readers about real estate sales and trends.

Marketing & Advertising
Market your business to all the new residents in your town!

Town Clerks
Easily locate records for your staff or the public.

Bankers & Lenders
View comps & assess the risk of making a loan.

Attorneys & Paralegals
Begin your land record research here.

Land Surveyors
Quickly find the land records you need for your survey.

Title Insurers
Research land ownership and title.

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