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Vauxhall Lost Car Key Service

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Replacement car keysHave you just lost your Vauxhall car keys? The Car Key People can help! We supply replacement Vauxhall keys and remote fobs to Greater London at an unbeatable price. It does not matter if your car is a Vauxhall Astra, Vauxhall Vectra, or Vauxhall Combo van, we can can help. In fact we can supply full main dealer remote locking fob keys for all models of Vauxhall.

Our Vauxhall car key service is available to all motorists in London and local motor traders. We are a fully mobile solution and can be with you within one hour of your phone call with a brand new key for your Vauxhall made while you wait.

Replacement car keys

How it Works:

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    Benefits of our Vauxhall Car Key Service

    No other company offers such a comprehensive service for replacement Vauxhall keys and remote locking fobs. Reasons to use The Car Key People:

    How our replacement Vauxhall key service works

    As mobile car locksmiths we provide key services for a large range of vehicle manufacturers but Vauxhall keys are our speciality. We are able to assist with any type of key, lock, remote or immobiliser issue.

    If you have lost your only Vauxhall key we can assist with our unique mobile car locksmith service. Being 100% mobile means WE COME TO YOU! There is no requirement to tow your Vauxhall to a garage. On arriving at your car we will produce a new Vauxhall key in the our mobile work van and then proceed to program the key to your car using specialist key programming tools. This is all achieved in as little as 15 minutes.

    If you do not have any key code information we can gain access to your car without causing any damage. There is no requirement for us to remove any locks to cut your key. We can extract the code to cut your key using our Vauxhall key programming tools and software. We can also safely extract the security programming code from more than 75% of Vauxhall vehicles.

    Have a question? Call your local Vauxhall locksmith on 07572 941161.

    Replacement car keys

    Get help fast with your car key problems. We will email back with a quote in 5 mins:

    Models of Vauxhall covered by our car key service

    We can provide Vauxhall keys for the following models:

    Vauxhall remote programming guide

    Some car remote keys can be programmed manually to the vehicle. This is not possible with Vauxhall vehicles and a new remote fob would need to be programmed by one of our mobile Vauxhall car locksmiths. Having said that it is possible to resynchronise your Vauxhall key fob if it has already been learned to the vehicle but has stopped responding. This can be achieved by inserting the key into the ignition and turning to position 2 and then pressing the lock and unlock button a few times of the key.


    Auto locksmith services for Vauxhall

    The Car Key People specialise in producing replacement Vauxhall keys, but we can do much more than just replacing lost keys. Our service for Vauxhall vehicles includes:

    Jammed Vauxhall ignition repair: Early models of Vauxhalls suffer with a common ignition fault. During the summer months we fix 50+ Vauxhall ignitions that jam up and will not turn with the key. This is a very common problem causes by a design fault. We can remove the ignition and make a full repair in less than 45 minutes. We have written a detailed article on the problem of jammed Vauxhall ignitions in our blog section “Key Talk”.

    Snapped key repair: If you have a snapped Vauxhall key we can cut a new blade and transfer over the important transponder chip to the new key. A key repair will save you large sums of cash over ordering in a brand new replacement Vauxhall key from the Vauxhall main dealer.

    Locked your keys in your Vauxhall? We deal with locked keys in Vauxhall cars almost every day. If you have accidentally locked your key in the boot with the shopping or even locked the doors with the key in the ignition, The Car Key People can open your Vauxhall car and retrieve your key within a matter of minutes, causing zero damage.

    Got only one key left? Get a spare: If you are operating your Vauxhall with just one car key you are running the risk of losing the only key and being without your car for days. The Car Key People can produce a duplicate key for your Vauxhall while you wait and for less than you may expect. Some models of Vauxhall will require a full remote key whilst other will operate perfectly fine with a standard no remote key. We will be happy to advise your the types of keys that will work with your car and provide you with the cheapest cost option.

    We replace Vauxhall keys when all are lost: Our lost Vauxhall car key solution is available 6 days a week from 9am to 9pm. Some models of Vauxhall may require the Vauxhall car pass to be ordered but for the majority we can cut a and program a brand new key with zero information required.

    Worn through remote buttons? If the buttons are worn on your Vauxhall remote key but still function you do not need to a but a whole new key. We do not offer a mobile repair for this type of job but why not save cash and refurbish the key yourself by buying a replacement remote case from our online car key shop.

    How Vauxhall keys work

    There are a few different types of key used by Vauxhall. The early keys used on the likes of Astra G, (up to 2004) have a separate transponder chip concealed in the key blade. The black carbon chip is coded to the vehicles immobiliser box and ECU. The immobiliser box doubles as an antenna on these cars and works to read the signal from the key. The chip and remote are programmed on separately, both of which need programming with a diagnostic machine.

    The newer Vauxhalls such as the Astra H model use a flip style remote key that has a surface mount transponder eeprom chip soldered to the remote board. The remote locking and transponder both program simultaneously with a diagnostic machine. We attend lots of jobs on earlier Vauxhalls where the transponder chip has been lost from the key on changing the remote battery. This is not an issue with the newer types of keys but the downside is that if the transponder ship or remote is damaged the whole key needs replacing, at a higher cost.

    What’s a Vauxhall Car Pass and why is it so important

    The Car Pass is a white card the size of a credit card that comes in the black service folder. It lists the vehicles VIN number, radio code, key number and security code. We use the key number to cut the metal part of the key and the security code to program te key to start the car and work the remote locking.

    If the card is lost or locked in the vehicle we can order a replacement card from Vauxhall on your behalf. For some models we do not need this information as we have specialist kit that will extract the codes directly from the car. If we need to order the codes we will make you aware and include this in the cost.

    Please let us know if you have the codes as it will help make our job quicker and allow us to provide you with a lower price.

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