Apr 30 2017

NADA Used Car Guide #car #3000

#nada used car guide

NADA Used Car Guide

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NADA Used Car Guide has long been the recognized authority for supplying the most market-reflective used vehicle valuation data available. To project our vehicle values, NADA s editorial team collects and analyzes over half a million auto-related transactions per month, including both wholesale and retail sales. This data is derived from automobile manufacturers, new and used car dealers and over 165 auctions nationwide. We then analyze the data in the larger context of economic trends, geographic location, weather and environmental concerns, among other factors.

Today, NADA Used Car Guide provides the most market-reflective used vehicle valuation data.

The values published in the NADA Official Used Car Guide were vital and necessary back in 1933 and they remain so today. The guide book serves as the foundation on which all of our other products stand. These include the NADA e-Valuator family of software, the ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide , NADA Online, consumer-focused print and online solutions, integration tools and historical valuation and AuctionNet data.

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