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  • The Five Best Cars for New or Young Drivers

TOP 5 CARS FOR YOUNG DRIVERS – Young and new drivers are always excited about gaining independence and being able to drive on their own. Each driver will.

  • Be confident in buying online

    BE CONFIDENT IN BUYING ONLINE – Buying a new car online is, without question, a potentially daunting proposition; after all, for many people, it will be the.


    BUYACAR USED AND NEW CARS offer fantastic deals on brand new UK cars, direct from main car dealerships.

    Many people make their new car choice at their local dealership before coming to Buyacar for a deal on the same new car.

    And if you want to trade in your used car we can handle the whole part-exchange process.

    The final price of your brand new car, including your trade in, can be calculated by using our live online car price checker.

    In short, we make it easy for you to save money on your brand new car.

    We are now offering a range of New Vans. box vans, Fridge Vans. roof vans and many more.


    How can we bring you better deals and cheaper new cars than anywhere else?

    We work with new car dealers and brokers who specialise in selling a wide range of cars at discount prices. These dealers and brokers are focused on volume – they want to sell as many cars as possible – whereas your local dealer is focused on his margin i.e. what he can make on each individual car.

    The result is that our dealers and brokers can offer greater discounts than your average local dealership. The cars are exactly the same, with the same delivery times and warranties.

    The only discount is the big new car discount that we can provide.


    If you’re trying to find yourself a new or used car, you’ve come to the right place.

    It pays to do your research when buying a new or used car.

    What may seem like a good idea at first isn’t always the best choice in the long run.

    We suggest that you:

    1. Decide on the features you want on your car
    2. Use our new car search to get a short-list of cars
    3. Compare those cars
    4. Decide on which one is right

    To elaborate.


    This is where you need to be completely honest with yourself about how you’re going to be using your car. Prioritise the things you need. You might ask yourself these questions for example:

    • In what circumstances am I going to use the car?
    • What type of car will suit my needs?
    • What features do I need. i.e. sunroof or performance
    • How can I realistically afford to spend?


    You’ll then need to click on the ‘new cars’ tab at the top of the page to get to the advanced car search page. From there you’ll be able to select the feature list you’ve created to create a smaller and smaller list of results.

    When you have less than 30 your results will show


    Once you’ve got your short-list the next thing to do is to compare the new cars that you’ve got to see how they differ. If you have any preferences within the resulting cars try selecting them by clicking the tick box next to the car in the results list and clicking the compare button. This will give you a list of the car’s features to compare side by side.


    Ultimately, this is down to which matches your needs and your budget. If you need help at this point, someone from the buyacar sales team can help you. Alternatively, if you have a favourite 2 or 3 then try going through the process to quote so that you can get an idea of the final prices once you’ve chosen all your options as this can add a fair bit to your final price.

    There’s almost always a clear choice of a new car at this point but if not, try reading the new car reviews for each model to see if there’s any more information there to help you decide.

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