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Honda Rebates, Low APR Loans, Car Lease Offers: Choose Wisely

Auto rebates, low APR loans, cashback, car finance options, factory incentives by any name, incentives can save you a boatload of bucks. But don’t let a rebate sucker you into getting the Honda you don’t want. The secret with rebates and incentives is knowing the ins and outs.

Car makers don’t give away money just because they care. They’re trying to move inventory especially on slow-selling models. That’s why top selling new cars don’t usually have incentives, but cars late in the model year do.

So, check those auto rebates, low APR loans and lease incentives on a new Honda carefully. You may be able to score a great deal on a new car you really want!

Lease Incentives

Special lease incentives offered by the manufacturer make leasing even more affordable. But don’t get lost in the terminology. Find out the vehicle price, interest rate (usually called the money factor), and residual value. And make sure you understand the pluses and minuses of leasing.

Low APR Loans

Manufacturers like Honda frequently offer low interest rate loans to new car buyers to help their dealers sell more cars. These can be a great deal if you qualify. Also consider the length of the loan.

A short loan means less in interest charges but much larger monthly payments. A longer loan, 60 or 72 months, can leave you paying off a car you’re tired of.

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