Feb 9 2019

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Term life insurance no physical

Shop online from almost 50 no medical exam life insurance policies from over 15 Canadian life insurance companies. Compare prices and qualifying questions online.

With this calculator the following terms are assumed:

  • Fully underwritten policies : These policies require a fully application that is reviewed by an insurance company underwriter prior to a policy being issued. Note that for smaller face amounts (e.g. less than $250,000) some companies have polices that do not require a physical medical test. Our no-med quoting system on this page does not quote these types of policies, instead you can quote these from our home page with other fully underwritten policies.
  • Simplified Issue policies : These polices require no physical evidence and a limited number of broad medical questions. Typically you must be able to answer all of the questions no in order to qualify. These policies have higher premiums than a fully underwritten policy and may have reduced benefits, but their ease of application and broad medical questions make them appropriate for those who may have medical conditions that prevent them from getting a fully underwritten policy, or for those who simply are looking for an easy application process. Our no-medical exam life insurance quoting system includes these products.
  • Guaranteed Issue policies : These policies require no medical exam and no medical questions. Your cheque and a signature gets you coverage. These policies will have reduced benefits and increased premiums compared to other products. They re appropriate for those who are unable to qualify for simplified issue policies. Our no-medical exam life insurance quoting system includes these products.
  • Deferred: All of the guaranteed issue policies and many of the simplified issue policies have a two year deferral period. During this period, you are covered for death to due accidental reasons only. Death due to medical reasons is specifically not covered.
  • Indexing : Some no medical exam policies have death benefits that increase by small amounts over time.

We currently quote the following companies:

  • Manulife
    • CoverMe Life
  • BMO Life
    • EasyOne Life
  • Equitable Life
    • Final Protection
  • RBC
    • Guaranteed Acceptance Life
  • Family Compass
    • Family Compass Level
    • Family Compass Graded
  • CAA
    • Guaranteed Acceptance Life
  • Canada Protection Plan
    • Deferred Life
    • Simplified Life
    • Simplified Plus Life
    • Deferred Life 20 Pay
    • Simplified Life 20 Pay
    • Simplified Plus Life 20 Pay
    • Acceptance Life
    • Deferred 10 year term
    • Simplified 10 year term
    • Simplified Plus 10 year term
    • Deferred 20 year term
    • Simplified 20 year term
    • Simplified Plus 20 year term
    • Deferred Term to 100
    • Simplified Term to 100
    • Simplified Plus Term to 100
  • Industrial Alliance
    • Access Life L100 Permanent
    • Access Life T20 Term
  • Assumption Life
    • Golden Protection Deferred
    • Golden Protection
    • Golden Protection Plus
    • Total Protection
  • Edge Benefits
    • Final Expense Coverage
  • Foresters
    • Guaranteed Issue Whole Life
  • Wawanesa Life
    • Instant Issue Life Insurance
  • Gerber Life
    • Burial Expense Plan
  • Desjardins
    • 50+ Life Insurance
  • PlanDirect
    • Guaranteed Issue Life insurance
  • Hunter McCorquodale
    • SecureLife
  • La Capitale
    • Affirmative
    • Simplified Advantage
  • Order of United Commercial Travellers (UCT)
    • Final Expense Whole Life
    • 10 year term
    • 15 year term
    • 20 year term
    • 30 year term

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