Jul 30 2019

Online credit & Video

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Online credit & Video, REMMONT.COM

Online credit

Bank online from the comfort of your home or office

Manage every aspect of your banking experience with quick and secure Alliant Credit Union Online Banking

Online account management

Money transfers

Online bill pay

Free credit score access


Expert budgeting and planning tools

Welcome to the Alliant Budget & Planning Tool

Personal Financial Management

The Alliant Budget & Planning Tool shows you the categories you spend the most on (dining out, groceries, travel, etc.) as well as helps you visualize your revolving cash flow and net worth.

You can also access the tool through our Alliant Mobile Banking App which is available on smartphones and tablets using Apple iOS or Google Android™. If you have a different device, please use our mobile optimized website.

Why use our Budget & Planning Tool?
  • See all your balances and transactions together in one place, automatically. Have a separate 401(k) or credit card with another financial institution? It’s no problem to add them.
  • Understand your spending patterns via the tool’s easy-to-read charts and graphs.
  • Tag individual transaction amounts to ensure accuracy.
  • Conveniently access the tool at home or on-the-go on our Alliant Mobile App.
  • It’s simple . . . and free.

To get started log in to Online Banking.

Transfer Money

Transfers made easy

Transfer money between your Alliant accounts, other member accounts and accounts at other financial institutions

Schedule your transfers as one time, future or recurring. Note: Transfers between your accounts or between accounts of other Alliant members are effective immediately unless you select “recurring”.

For checking accounts, there are no limits on the number of transfers you can make in a calendar month.

For savings accounts, you can make up to 6 preauthorized, automatic, telephone, electronic or audio response transfers to another account of yours or to a third party during a calendar month per federal regulations. Of these 6, you can make no more than 3 transfers to a third party by check or debit card. A preauthorized transfer includes any arrangement with us to pay a third party from your account upon oral or written orders including orders received through the automated clearing house (ACH). You can make unlimited transfers at an ATM, in person at a Service Center, through the mail or to any Alliant Credit Union loan. However, we may refuse or reverse a transfer that exceeds these limitations and may suspend or close your account.

You will need to go through a setup verification process before you can make the first transfer to & from another financial institution. Please note ACH transfers are not immediate and follow the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network timeline and cut off times.

Wire Transfers
A wire transfer can also be used to move money between financial institutions or between you and another business or person electronically. Although a wire transfer is faster, you will be charged a fee for any outbound wire transfer. Alliant charges $25 for an outbound domestic wire transfer and $50 for an outbound international wire transfer. There are no limits to the amount or number of wire transfers; however, you will be charged for each one separately. Inbound wire transfers are free.

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