May 24 2019

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scrap car prices

Free instant online scrap car prices!

We scrap cars from London, Dartford, Maidstone, Gravesend, Cambridge, Peterborough, Bedford, Harlow and everywhere in between!

Scrap car pricesWelcome to where you can receive a free no obligation quote for your scrap car in less than ten seconds! Simply select your vehicle and put in your postcode in the box above and you will receive a no obligation quote for us to collect or you to deliver your scrap car. This quote will be a guaranteed price we would pay for your complete vehicle.

Last year we collected and processed over 5000 scrap cars from numerous sources. These include contracts with insurance companies, The DVLA, Local government bodies and private individuals. We pride ourselves on operating in a friendly, transparent and responsible way and can guarantee your scrap car is disposed of in the most environment friendly way possible.

Here at we provide a professional car recycling service where you can be sure of what happens to your scrap vehicle from beginning to end. If you would like more details of our scrap car collection process please visit our Collection Process page.

As the last registered keeper of your old car it is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is disposed of properly. For more information please visit website.

Every single scrap car we collect for disposal is taken off the road for good, therefore every vehicle will receive a free Certificate of Destruction (COD) from the DVLA (to learn more please click on the COD to the right). Only an End of life vehicle treatment facility can issue a COD and all of our representatives are fully licensed car scrappage, car disposal and end of life vehicle treatment facilities.

This means that they are licensed by the environment agency to collect, de-pollute, dismantle and destroy your scrap car. To find out more about the process your car will go through from beginning to end please go to our what happens to my car? page.

We represent a very select group of car recyclers, including Pick A Part Ltd and Charlton Recycled Auto parts Ltd. To find out more about us please visit our About us page.

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Scrap car prices

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