Sep 23 2017

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Crushpix Video Production Company

San Francisco Bay Area Crushpix Video Production Company produces creative B2C and B2B marketing videos, company videos for websites, corporate culture recruiting videos, training videos and demonstrations, interviews and live event coverage. High-quality professional cameras, crew and editing equipment, skilled editors using animated graphics. We work tirelessly to transform simple interviews and how-to videos into an enjoyable and engaging experience for the viewer.

Crushpix offers full video production services from developing your ideas, defining the message, takeaway, and understanding what the call to action should be for your videos. We can provide casting, locations, secure a stage that s convenient to our clients, or bring our production services to your office. If you are new to video production for your company, we are here to guide you through the entire process. Crushpix can make your video production experience easier.

Our Company

Our video producers work with clients throughout the Bay Area, providing the video crew, videographers and editors to transform your idea into a beautiful and compelling video. Crushpix is made up of a lean but talented group at its core, but over the years, has teamed up with a much larger group of trusted freelancers around the country who allow us to expand to fill the needs of most every production, no matter the size. Our efficiency translates into savings which we re able to pass on to our clients. Crushpix is considered by many to be one of the best video production companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over the last decade, we ve formed loyal partnerships with notable Bay Area businesses like The Clorox Company (Oakland), Kaiser Permanente (Oakland), Google (Mountain View) and East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) (Oakland). As a full-service SF video production company. we offer end-to-end video production experience, customized for your unique business and clients, from script development and planning through casting, lighting, shooting, editing, and delivery for web video on our clients websites, e-commerce sites like Amazon, Grainger. and and social media like YouTube and Facebook.

Because we shoot in high-quality HD and 4K, the finished video is robust enough for live presentations but can also be compressed for mobile delivery. We don t recommend compressing videos to a size that s small enough for email. The simple solution is to load the video either onto your internal servers or host it on YouTube or Vimeo and simply email a link.

We specialize in professional corporate video production and company videos including training videos for staff as well as for customers, how-to videos, interviews, testimonial videos used to promote a company s reputation, corporate culture videos, and TV ads. We also produce promotional advertising videos designed to show goods and services on corporate websites across the Internet.

With offices in Emeryville, video production in San Francisco is no problem. We are the preferred choice for many East Bay and South Bay companies that incorporate video into their marketing strategy. Our video producers and video crews travel across the country throughout the year in order to provide consistency within a video project. Our clients who we ve had long relationships with know us and trust our videographers to capture the footage that will promote their brand.

Video on your website can tell your story and show what you do best. Video can potentially improve your search ranking, making your company more visible to potential new clients.

If you re thinking about adding a professional video to your company website, whether you are in San Francisco, the East Bay, South Bay, or Napa Valley, Crushpix Video Production Company is happy to be your guide through uncharted territory. To help you chose the video partner that s the best fit for your team, we share our years of experience to offer strategies to help you achieve the scope of the project within a realistic budget. We offer various options to choose from, examples, and pricing to help you make the best choices for your investment.

We re here to make your life easier.

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