May 14 2017

Scrap Car Comparison Gets You the Best Prices for Your Scrap Vehicle #rent #car

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Welcome to Scrap Car Comparison

That s right, finally a Comparison site for scrap and repairable cars.

Making your search for Scrap car prices a breeze.

  • No more calling hundreds of companies.
  • No more haggling with scrap yards on the phone.
  • No more false computer generated scrap car values.

About Scrap Car Comparison

We have compiled a national network of scrap car collectors and specialist buyers, now enabling you to search a comprehensive list of companies willing to pay for your scrap vehicle. Please note since October 2013 cash was made an illegal form of payment for scrap cars. By using our Scrap Car Comparison tool, you are guaranteed to raise a competitive price for your old vehicle.

Whether you are looking for the scrap value of cars or are ready to dispose of your vehicle, we can help you out. The vehicle disposal business can be a potential minefield for customers looking at scrapping their car, that’s why we have set up this website, to give you a little friendly advice along the way in finding the best scrap car prices.

Our aim is to make organising your end of life vehicle disposal quick and easy for you. We will search a comprehensive list of trusted partners to ensure the highest price is paid for your end of life or repairable vehicle. We will not only ensure the best scrap car prices the UK can offer, but also that the company that you deal with is reputable, customer service based and only use the most environmentally friendly methods of car recycling.

How scrap car prices are generated

Price varies greatly across the UK, so we promise to provide you with up to date information on the best prices available in your home town. The Scrap value of a vehicle is dependent on many factors including current value of metal, proximity to an Authorised Treatment Facility, fuel prices, size and weight of vehicle, inclusion of specialist parts in your vehicle and age of vehicle to mention a few. That is why scrap car values will constantly change and we aim to keep you up to date.

There are several methods that companies use to generate a quote. We will talk you through these methods, so that you have 100% confidence when it comes to scrapping a car. As in all industries, there are your good guys and your bad guys. As an impartial Scrap Car Comparison site, we will not favour certain companies over others; however we will show you what to look out for. False quotes are timely and stressful. You can be assured that we will help you avoid this situation.

Make sure you read the small print when you are trying to work out how to dispose of your vehicle you are likely be flooded with hundreds of options. Careful and considerate selection will ensure a smooth transaction and the best prices raised. Many computer generated quotes are subject to further inspection. Although the condition of your car is a factor to be considered, rarely does this method turn out well, for you the customer. We have heard recent reports of customers receiving quotes of up to £200 and coming away with nothing.

Scrap car compare trusted partners

All of our partners operate under the Price Guarantee Promise – This guarantee ensures that the price quoted on the phone is the actual amount paid for your car. Unfortunately some companies in the industry regularly quote high on the phone to win a bid and then have the driver knock down the price on collection. This is highly irritating and sometimes intimidating. At scrap car comparison, we only work with partners that use the Price Guarantee Promise.

Environment Agency Approved – Disposing of your vehicle is not just about the best price. We strive to only deliver quotes from environmentally friendly authorised treatment facilities. This means that all hazardous fluids are dealt with responsibly and any type of pollutant is treated with the upmost care and attention.

To proceed, please fill out the online form above for an instant quote generated from hundreds of Authorised Treatment Facilities.

If you are planning on scrapping your car make sure you know how to declare SORN online .

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